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Best Quotes For Babe

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1. It’s Hard To Best Person Who Never Gives Up.

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2. Babe I’m In Tears Because You’re Not Here.

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3. My Babe, Is My Babe Therefore, Don’t Look, Touch Wink Wave, Stare, Flirt Compliment Hold Anything That’s My Job.

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4. Babe Is A Special Word To Me. You Mean The Fucking World To Me If I Call You That.

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5. It’s Crazy Because I Don’t Even Know When You Became So Important To Me It’s Like Watching A Snowstorm. You See The Flakes Falling, But You Don’t Realize How They’re Adding Up. Then Suddenly. Your Whole Lawn Is Covered All These Little Things Nave Added Up, And You’re My Snowstorm Baby.

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6. She’s Got That Girl Boss Hustle

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7. Next To You, That’s Where I Want To Be.

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8. Babe, Thank You For Coming Into My Life Thank You For Making Me Smile Like Crazy Thank You For Making Me Happy.

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9. Truth Is If I Could Be With Anyone I’d Still Be With You.

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10. I Wish Is Was Kissing You Instead Of Missing You.

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11. A Babe In The House Is A Well Spring Of Pleasure, A Messenger Of Peace And Love, A Resting Place For Innocence On Earth. A Link Between Angles And Men.

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12. I Know They Say There’s A Lot Of Fish In The Sea But You’re My Nemo.

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13. Babe You Got This

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14. Being Called Babe Is Just So Asdfghjkl

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15. My Babe, Is My Babe, Therefore, Don’t Look, Touch, Wink, Wave, Stare, Flirt Compliment Hold, Anything That’s My Job.

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16. I Just Want Yo That’s It. All Your Flaws, Mistakes Smiles Giggles, Jokes

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17. Be Mine, My Babe, My Headache, My Love My Smile My Frown My Wrong My Right. My Sweetheart My Pain. My Happiness My Everything.

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18. Out Of Sight But Babe You Are Never Off Of My Mind

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19. You Just Can’t Beat The Person Who Never Gives Up.

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20. Awkwardly Perfect.

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