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1. Faith Is Seeing Light With Your Heart When All Your Eyes See Is Darkness.

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2. Faith Is To Believe What We Do Not See, And The Reward Of This Faith Is To See What We Believe.

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3. Faith Includes Noticing The Mess, The Emptiness And Discomfort, And Letting It Be There Until Some Light Returns.

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4. Faith It’s All About Believing, You Don’t Know How It Will Happen, But You Know It Will.

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5. Faith It’s All About Believing You Don’t Know How It Will Happen But You Know It Will.

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6. Faith Isn’t A Feeling It’s A Choice To Trust God Even When The Road Ahead Seems Uncertain.

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7. The Weakest Part Of My Life Can Become The Strongest Part Of My Faith.

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8. Accept What Is Let Go Of What Was Heave Faith In What Can Be.

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9. Faith Is Taking The First Step Even When You Can’t See The Whole Staircase.

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10. You Can’t Control Everything Sometimes You Just Let Life Happen.

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11. Always Pray To Have Eyes That See The Best In People, A Heart That Forgives The Worst, A Mind That Forgets That Bad And A Soul That Never Loses Faith In God.

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12. Faith Can Move Mountains, But Don’t Be Surprised If God Hands You A Shovel.

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13. Faith Is To Believe What You Do Not See; The Reward Of This Faith Is To See What You Believe.

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14. Your Faith Can Move Mountains And Your Doubt Can Create Them.

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15. Faith Is Like Wifi It’s Invisible, But It Has The Power To Connect You To What You Need.

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16. God Didn’t Promise Days Without Pain, Laughter Without Sorrow, Or Sun Without Rain, But He Did Promise Strength For The Day, Comfort The Tears, And Light For The Way If God Brings You To It, He Will Bring You Through It.

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17. Faith It Does Not Make Things Easy It Makes Them Possible

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18. She Is Clothed With Strength &Amp; Dignity She Can Laugh At The Days To Come.

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19. Faith Is Believing In Something When Common Sense Tells You Not To.

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