Best Sad Love Quotes

Sad Love Quotes 09
1. I’m So In Love With You But I’m Getting Used To The Fact I’m Never Going To Be Good Enough

Sad Love Quotes 04
2. I Tried To Forget You, But The Harder I Tried, The More I Thought About You

Sad Love Quotes 11
3. If You Could Read My Mind You Would Be In Tears

Sad Love Quotes 02
4. If You Give Up On Me I’m Going To Give Up On Me Too.

Sad Love Quotes 05
5. Never Chase Love, Affection, Or Attention. If It Isn’t Given Freely By Another Person, It Isn’t Worth Having.

Sad Love Quotes 10
6. Sometimes When I Say “I’m Okay”, I Want Someone To Look Me In The Eyes, Hug Me Tight And Say, “I Know You’re Not”

Sad Love Quotes 01
7. My Silence Is Just Another Word For My Pain

Sad Love Quotes 03
8. That Awkward Moment When You Think You’re Important To Someone, And You’re Not.

Sad Love Quotes 18
9. At Some Point You Have To Realize That Some People Can Stay In Your Heart But Not In Your Life.

Sad Love Quotes 16
10. Sometimes You Can’t Let Go Of What’s Making You Sad, Because It Was The Only Thing That Made You Happy.

Famous Sad Love Quotes

Sad Love Quotes 20
11. Stop Thinking About Him, Because He’s Not Thinking About You.

Sad Love Quotes 19
12. You Will Never Think Of Me The Way I Think Of You. And That Kills Me Everyday.

Sad Love Quotes 08
13. I Still Love You But You Don’t Care…

Sad Love Quotes 15
14. Crying Is How Your Heart Speaks, When Your Lips Can’t Explain The Pain You Feel.

Sad Love Quotes 07
15. I Knew He Didn’t Love Me, But I Adored Him Anyway.

Sad Love Quotes 12
16. I Think Of You At 2 A.M. When I Can’t Sleep And I Wish You Were There To Hold Me.

Sad Love Quotes 14
17. It Hurts The Worst When The Person That Made You Feel So Special Yesterday, Makes You Feel So Unwanted Today.

Sad Love Quotes 17
18. I Wish I Could Ignore You Like You Ignore Me.

Sad Love Quotes 06
19. It Hurts But It’s Ok I’m Used To It.

Sad Love Quotes 13
20. I’ve Lost Somebody Who Wasn’t Even Mine.

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