Best Swim Quotes Funny

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1. It’s Amazing How I Spend Most Of My Day Half-Naked Around Everyone And It’s Just Natural.

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2. This Is For The Swimmer Who.. Jammed Their Finger On The Lane Rope.. Choked On Water Right Before A Flip Turn.

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3. Many Swimmers Ask, What Is The Secret To Success. I Can Tell You What It Is. When You Feel Like You Can’t Swim Any Faster, Hold Your Breath Any Longer.

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4. After A Day Of Football, A Swimmer Would Be Bruised After A Day Of Swimming, A Football Player Would Be Dead.

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5. Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim Drown A Little Then Swim Swim Swim Swim Kick The Lane Line Swim Swim

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6. Quitter Don’t Swim, Swimmers Don’t Quit.

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7. Swimming What Society Thinks I Do What My Friends Think I Do What My Mom Thinks I Do.

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8. To A Swimmer; A Series Of Painful Movements Resulting In Drowning To Everyone Else; A Beautiful, Graceful Insect.

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9. Welcome To Our Ool Notice There Is No P In It. Let’s Keep It That Way.

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10. It’s Just You And The Pool.

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11. Coach Race Pace Swimmers Can I Go To The Bathroom?

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12. When You Are Asked To Warm Down After You Last Race Of The Meet.

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13. 10 Swimmer Excuses I Got A Cramp The Water Is To Cold I Didn’t Hear The Start Horn My Goggles Leaked There’s Too Much Chlorine. The Water Is Too Warm I Hate That Stroke I Slipped On The Block My Feet Slipped On The Turn I Forgot My Swim Suit.

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14. It Doesn’t Matter You Age, Gender, Race, Religion Political Belief Or Background. The Water Treats You The Same.

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15. The Act Of Repetitively Smashing Your Face Flat Against The Surface Of The Water.

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16. You’re Only One Swim Away Form A Good Mood.

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17. When Coach Is Planning A Fun Main Set

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18. I Have Suddenly Forgotten How To Swim.

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