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1. That Moment When You Being A Third Wheel & The Couple Is Being A Lovely & Your Just Like.. I Like That Tree, That’s A Nice Tree..

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2. I Saw You, I Found You Beautiful You Got Me In With That Smile We Gaze Into Each Other’s Eyes; Magical Time Flew, We Were Mad In Love But Fate Approved Of Otherwise One Day, He Came In Your Life You’d Talk To Him More Than Me It Was Devastating But He Didn’t Stay Either Now You Feel Empty Within I Still Pray Of Getting Back Together – The Awkward Introvert

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3. I Found This In The Bathroom At My University, There Has Never Been A Saying More True To My Life.. You Are Not A Third Wheel! You Are A Majestic Unicycle And They Are Your Noble Training Wheels!

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4. I Don’t Like Being The Third Wheel All The Time I Don’t Like Feeling Like The Most Unimportant Person. It Sucks, But That’s Life.

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5. Im Not The Third Wheel Im The Magical Unicycle And The’re The Training Wheels

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6. Being A Third Wheel Makes You Feel All Awkward.

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4. If You Looked Up The Definition Of A Third Wheel, You Would See A Picture Of Me.

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8. I’m Down With Being A Third Wheel. Please Make Plans With Me.

Third Wheel Quotes 19
9. This Is The Thing They Don’t Tell You About Being A Third Wheel – It’s Not Like You’re The Wheel That’s Added On. You Were One Of The Original Two Wheels, But Suddenly You’re Not So Important Anymore. The Relationship Drives Fine Without You. David Levithan

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10. Dear Sidewalk Please Get Wider. Sincerely, Third Friend Walking Behind Feeling Excluded.

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11. My “Friends” All Have Better Friends, Than Me. I Am The Third Wheel, The Back-Up, The “Cheap Wine” No One Wants Me… Unless I’m All There Is Even Then They Wouldn’t Want Me.

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12. That Moment When Your A Third Wheel & The Couple Is Being All Lovely & Your Just Like.. I Like That Tree, That’s A Nice Tree.

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13. Consider Yourself Invited And A Third Wheel.

Third Wheel Quotes 02
14. Have Your Ever Just Sat With Your Friends Realizing You’re The Least Important Friend In The Group And That It Wouldn’t Make A Difference If You Were There Or Not.

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15. Friends Are Forever, Until They Get In A Relationship.

Third Wheel Quotes 12
16. I’m That Person Everyone Replaces After A While.

Third Wheel Quotes 17
17. “You Should Talk More!” Me *Tries To Talk* – Gets Ignored – Gets Interrupted – Gets Talked Over – No One Pays Attention – No One Cares

Third Wheel Quotes 14
18. Sometimes Walking Away Has Nothing To Do With Weakness And Everything To Do With Strength We Walk Away Not Because We Want Others To Realize Our Worth And Value But Because We Finally Realize Our Own.

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19. I’l Probably Third Wheel At My Own Wedding.

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20. As A 3rd Wheel, Your Job Is To Take Pictures.

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