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1. Friends Fight For You. Respect You. Include You. Encourage You. Need You. Deserve You. Stand By You.

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2. A True Friend Won’t Judge You. A True Friend Will Keep Your Secrets A Secret. And A True Friend Will Always Be There For You.

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3. A True Friend Is Someone Who Will Always Love You- The Imperfect, The Confused, The Wrong You- Because That Is What People Are Supposed To Do.

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4. Friendship Isn’t About Who You’re Known The Longest…

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5. If You Wanna Find Out Who’s A True Friend, Screw Up Or Go Through A Challenging…

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6. If You Have One True Friend You Have More Than Your Share.

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7. A True Friend Never Gets In Our Way Unless You Happen To Be Going Down.

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8. Life Is Not About The People Who Act True To Your Face, It’s About The People Who Remain True Behind Your Back.

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9. You Don’t Lose Friends You Just Learn Who Your Real Friend—- Are.

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10. Remember You Don’t Need A Certain Number Of Friends, Just A Number Of Friends You Can Be Certain Of.

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11. I’m Not A Perfect Person, I Make A Lot Of Mistakes; But Still I Love Those People Who Stay With Me After Knowing How I Really Am.

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12. True Friends Will Always Find A Way T Help You. Fake Friends Will Always Find An Excuse.

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13. A True Friend Is One Who Overlooks Your Failures And Tolerates Your Success.

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14. A True Friend Is Someone Who Is There For You When He’d Rather Be Anywhere Else.

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15. They Are Not Your Friends Until They Have Defended You In Your Absence.

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16. True Friends Say Good Things Behind You Back And Bad Things T Your Face.

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17. What Is Friend? O Friend Is Someone Who You Think Your Life Would Be Different If They Didn’t Exist.

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18. A True Friend Is Someone You Can Disagree With And Still Remain Friends. If Not. They Weren’t True Friends In The First Place.

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19. Stranger Think Im Quiet My Friends Think I’m Out-Going..

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