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Best Veteran Day Quotes

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1. With Respect Honor And Gratitude Than You Veterans.

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2. Our Debt To The Heroic Men And Valiant Women In The Service Or Our Country Can Never Be Repaid They Have Earned Out Undying Gratitude America Will Never Forget Their Sacrifices.

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3. Veterans Day Honoring All Who Served.

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4. Thank You Veterans Honoring Those Who Served.

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5. It Is The Soldier Or Veteran, Not The Preacher, Who Has Given Us Freedom Of Religion It Is The Soldier Or Veteran, Not The Reporter

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6. The Willingness Of America’s Veterans To Sacrifice For Our Country Has Earned Them Our Lasting Gratitude.

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7. Some People Dream The Dream Some People Live The Dream Some People Defend The Dream

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8. This Nation Will Remain The Land Of The Free Only So Long As It Is The Home Of The Brave.

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9. Valor Is Stability, Not Of Legs And Arms, But Of Courage And The Soul.

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10. Happy Veterans Day In Honor Of All The Men And Women Who Served And Continue To Serve This Country. Happy Veterans Day Thank You For Your Service And Your Sacrifice.

Famous Veteran Day Quotes

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11. Saluting Our Heroes On Veterans Day

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12. Home Of The Fee Because Of The Brave

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13. Above All, We Must Realize That No Arsenal, Or No Weapon In The Arsenals Of The World, Is Do Formidable As The Will And Moral Courage Of Free Men And Women. It Is A Weapon Our Adversaries In Toey’s

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14. Greater Love Has No One Than This That He Lay, Down His Life For His Friends.

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15. As We Express Our Gratitude We Must Never Forget That The Highest Appreciation Is Not To Utter Words But To Live By Them

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16. Throughout The Course Of American History, Courage Ions Men And Women Have Taken Up Arms To Secure, Defend. And Maintain These Core Principles Upon Which Our Nation’s Freedom Depend

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17. Heroes Don’t Ear Capes Or Tights They Wear Dog Tags And Combat Boots.

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