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1. The Other Woman You Got Out. She Is Stuck With Him. She Isn’t A Better Woman Than You

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2. Diamond Wifey

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3. “Wifey Material” Shouldn’t Have Anything To Do With Cooking Skills Domesticated Attributes, Physical Appearance, Or Twerking Abilities

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4. Great Sex, A Good Laugh, A Partner In Crime, Epic Conversation, Honesty, More Great Sex… I Don’t Think It’s A Lot To Ask For.

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5. If She’s Honest, Funny, Laid Back, Can Hold Her Liquor, Has A Dirty Mind And An Even Dirtier Vocabulary, Eats Pizza, And Lets You Touch Her Butt. Marry Her, Yesterday.

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6. Wifey; The Only Female Aside From His Mama A Man Truely Loves & Cares For, She Will Be There For Him Threw Anything, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally Sex Game Is On Point.

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7. If She Loyal Sexy And Can Make You Laugh You Wife Her Move To A Small Town And Hide Her Ass like Drug Money.

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8. Wifey Hubby

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9. Hubby She’s Mine Wifey He’s Mine

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10. While I Sleep, I Dream Of You, And When I Wake, I Long To Hold You In My Arms. If Anything, Our Time Apart Has Only Made Me More Certain That I Want To Spend My Nights By Your Side, And My Days With Your Heart.

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11. Wifey Material. The Female Thats Stressing You, Arguing With You, And Trying To Communicate With You Is The One Thats DOWN For You. If A Girl Doesn’t Get On Your Last Goddamn Nerve, She Aint For You.

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12. Listen, I Love You. I Know Sometimes I’m A Little Bit Of A Disappointment. I Rarely Know What I Want Or Think Before I Act.

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13. IDGAF If You Were His First Second Third IDGAF If Ya’ll Had A Future Together IDGAF If You Love Him Or Hate Him

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14. Speak Of My Future Wife In Anything But The Most Reverent Of Tones Again, And It Will Be Pistols At Dawn.

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15. Wifey Isn’t A Girl Who Smokes All The Time & Fucks You Whenever. Wifey Is A Woman Who Motivates You & Makes Sure You Ain’t Slippin In Life.

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16. Claim Her, Love Her, Kiss Her, Hug Her, Spoil Her, Be Faithful To Her, Trust Her, And She Will Remain Yours.

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17. I’m Cut From A Different Cloth Baby.. It’s Called “Wifey” Material.

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18. Wifey For Lifey

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19. Know Your Place In That Man’s Life Before You Start Doing Things Like Your That Man’s Wife.

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20. Unfuckwithable When You’re Truly Peace And In Touch With Yourself Nothing Anyone Says Or Does Bothers You And No Negative Can Touch You

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