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1. The Tight Man Will Love All The Things About You That That Wrong Man Was Intimidated By.

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2. Forgiving Them Isn’t The Hard Part, It’s Trusting Them Again.

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3. Sometimes I Regret Being Nice, Apologizing When Didn’t Do Anything Wrong, And For Making Unworthy People A Priority In My Life.

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4. Most Relationship Fail Because One Person Was Being Loved Too Much And The Other Wasn’t Being Loved Enough.

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5. No Matter How Far You Have Gone On A Wrong Road, Turn Back.

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6. The Right Man Will Bring Something To The Table, The Wrong Man Just Comes To Eat.. Then Leave.

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7. A Woman Has Got To Love A Bad Man Once Or Twice In Her Life To Be Thankful For A Good One.

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8. A Good Loyal Woman Is One Of Greatest Things A Man Can Have In His Life. But It Takes A Man To Realize That.

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9. There Is No Better Test Of A Man’s Integrity Than His Behavior When He Is Wrong.

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10. You Will Never Find The Right Person, If You Never Let Go Of The Wrong One.

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11. The True Character Of A Man Is Not Defined By What He Does In Front Of A Crowd But Instead By What He Does When No One Else Is Around.

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12. A Genteman Makes Commitments A Loser Makes Promises.

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13. If You Love Two People At The Same Time, Choose The Second. Because If You Really Loved The First One, You Wouldn’t Have Fallen For The Second.

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14. Stay Single Until Someone Actually Compliments Your Life In A Way That It Makes It Better To Not Be Single If Not, It’s Not Worth It.

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15. A Real Man Is Honest Takes Care Of His Kids Gives Up His Seat For A Woman Tells Worst Truth.

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16. Even Prettiest Woman Could Feel Insecure Is She Loves A Wrong Man, What Makes

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17. There Is Something Wrong About The Man Who Wants

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18. Turns Out Samantha Was Wrong. Men Do Talk.

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19. If You’re Giving Your All To Someone And It’s Not Enough, You’re Giving It To The Wrong Person.

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20. How Wrong It Is For A Woman To Expect The Man To Build The World She Wants Rather Than To Create It Herself.

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